4500 Watt Bromic Platinum Electric Heater -208V
4500 Watt Bromic Platinum Electric Heater -208V
4500 Watt Bromic Platinum Electric Heater -208V

4500 Watt Bromic Platinum Electric Heater -208V

4500 Watt Bromic Platinum Electric Heater -208V

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Bromic Platinum Electric Heater, 4500 Watt, 208V

  • Efficient directional spot heating, includes mounting brackets which allows for 60 degrees of motion top to bottom
  • Can be integrated into smart control systems, used with an on/off remote, or used with a dimmer remote control
  • Weather resistant (ipx 5) and wind resistant
  • Ultra thin and stylish
  • Stainless Steel frame with black colored glass panel
  • Multiple Mounting Options – Wall, Ceiling, and Recessed (Flush Mounted with the help of the ceiling recess kit - must plan in advance because of the inside-the-ceiling clearances required)

The Bromic Platinum Electric improves low clearance and design focused spaces by using its own sleek design to blend into the background and become a natural part of that space. These electric heaters have a smaller footprint to minimize their appearance. Bromic heaters also do not emit enough light to change the amount or the color of the lighting in an area. The Platinum heater utilizes a black glass front which not only gives the heater a brilliant look, but also keeps wind and debris from interfering with the heating element and reduces light emission. This electric heater provides comforting heat evenly and efficiently over its area. The Bromic Platinum electric can be mounted to both walls, ceilings, and can be recessed into a ceiling to help blend into the background. Enjoy the evening outdoors with a Bromic Platinum heater.



  Ceiling Mount Wall Mount
Minimum Height From Ground 96" 71"
Minimum Distance to Ceiling 8.5" 6.7"



Wattage 4500 W
Electrical Connection 208V
Heat Area 143 Square Feet
Color Black/White
Material Stainless Steel



The Bromic radiant heater requires an electrician to install. Does not include a plug as the standard wall outlet only outputs 120 volts and this heater needs 208 volts. An electrician will have to provide the correct voltage and wire the heater for you. Switch device and wiring not included due to differing needs per installation. Mounting bracket is included; however, fasteners for mounting the heater to a wall or ceiling are not provided and should vary based on the wall or ceiling's materials; use appropriate fasteners for the construction.

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